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Real life Wedding Inspiration : Alice in Wonderland

I was previously planning to write this post using a styled photo shoot as inspiration, however, this stunning wedding popped into my head which I had previously styled and I thought better of it, so here we are.


I believe when it comes to weddings you can find inspiration in most things, some people love romance and classical inspiration, whilst others love the soft approach that is rustic country. People are really finding their inspiration anywhere, that one perfect item of jewellery or a hair piece could inspire a vintage theme. This is exactly why I love weddings these days, people are not scared to push themselves creatively to make that perfect finish or theme.


This wedding really stands out for me as its all about a theme that came from a book! (See, I told you you can get inspiration from anywhere these days). The book in question is Alice In Wonderland. When I met Katie and Dan I just loved their theme straight away. As you can imagine, a theme like this takes you to all points on the creative scale and trust me when I say we could have done so much, it was painful to rain ourselves back in. At one point we even spoke about having some of the wedding party dressed as the characters from the book, tea pots hanging from the ceiling and much more.



After chatting and chatting and more chatting, we started to come up with a structured theme and I was left to build a wedding style based upon this. I really think we hit the design mark perfectly when it comes to wedding themed styling, the reason I say this as despite what people say, you really can go too far if you aren’t careful!



Katie and Dan decided on vintage china with lots of soft floral’s, using cake stands with beautiful floral decoration for some of the table centres and the jugs with twisted willow for others. The willow had characters from the book attached to it along with pretty lace and pearl decoration.




Tea cups with roses and small bottles with coloured water and drink me notes attached added to the table decoration and overall look, alice in wonderland printed place names.




Katie had so many ideas and she really did take on the theme in such a stylish way, not wanting to over fuss on it but at the same time, saw the opportunity to add perfect finishing touches like the quotes on sticks in the napkins, the character pictures with beads on the twisted willow and the perfectly themed drink me bottles.



I’ve always believed that using small detailing and finishing touches rather than impact floral’s or statement pieces work better, it not only gives you the opportunity to add your personality to the wedding but gives your guests so much to talk about, it will leave them with memories that can’t be taken for granted.





Apart from not having an actual mad hater, it really was very ‘Alice In Wonderland’. We also managed to include gifts wrapped and tied with simple ribbon detail and Alice In Wonderland tags. If you take anything from this post ‘IT’S IN THE DETAIL’ is what it should be, oh and the love for rabbits maybe!



To be able to write this post and remanise about a wonderful couples weddings is just a pleasure, especially when it comes with so many possibilities and style options, it really had the capability of being a rabbit out the hat (pardon the pun) with all the surprises along the way. I also got to use some of my favourite roses which allowed me to make this beautiful bouquet for Katie.



Keep an open mind when choosing your wedding style along with making sure it has some sort of degree of structure. Even when using a vintage theme, which is full of detail, it still need’s structure to make it work to its best possible finished look.


I hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to writing another post soon. The problem with what I do, is that the choice is just too big, I love weddings and it’s great we can share a few with you, even if it’s not all of them.


Love Nicola x


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