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Floral Design: A Tudor Themed Wedding in Surrey

This month at Boutique Blooms we’ve been busy with weddings, meeting new clients and hosting our own Wedding Flowers Workshops for those of you who fancy giving your wedding flowers a go yourself! The wedding I would like to share with you today is the wedding of Mr _ Mrs Flowers…yes that is their real name! Manuela _ Ian were having a Tudor themed wedding at the beautiful Carew Manor in Surrey. Carew Manor is set in the grounds of a beautiful park and dates back to medieval times with wonderful wooden clad walls and a very pretty dovecot outside too. They wanted the flowers to be in keeping with the Tudor theme and the colours similar to that of an autumnal palette.



natural tudor wedding bouquet

Photograph by Boutique Blooms Floral Design


At the initial wedding flowers consultation with Manuela _ Ian we talked in great detail about how they envisaged their wedding day, the other details they had planned including a Henry the 8th master of ceremonies and of course…flowers! Ian’s back ground in performing arts and a joint interest in history in particular the medieval times, the couple decided on a Tudor themed wedding.  Manuela and Ian were having a traditional church ceremony followed by a reception at the historic Carew Manor. Both keen gardeners, the pair new that like their garden they wanted natural looking flowers, the kind of flowers you would find in country hedgerow.


moodboard to show tudor wedding flowers inspiration

 Photograph by Boutique Blooms Floral Design

country tudor bride bouquet


Photograph by Boutique Blooms Floral Design



I researched what typical Tudor flowers were and a great deal of the inspiration came from flowers depicted in medieval art and tapestries. Roses were heavily depicted in this imagery and so I suggested this be one of the focal flowers. We also included poppy seed heads, chrysanthemum blooms, clematis, dahlias, berries, rosehips, flowering mint and rosemary. The mint and rosemary inspired by the apothecary gardens typical of this time. The colour palette started initially as autumnal; rich reds and burnt oranges. However as the wedding plans progressed the addition of a rich burgundy and plum purple were added to the colour palette which added quite an opulent feel to the flowers and also tying in nicely with the bridesmaid gowns. I also found that great feasts and banquets were featured in my research so I suggested that for the table centres we incorporate fruits, such as pomegranates, figs and bunches of grapes.


red rose tudor buttonhole

 Photograph by Boutique Blooms Floral Design

I also suggested that it would be nice if we could somehow include another texture into the table centres such as wood or bark, we decided on wooden logs stumps which provided the perfect platform the flower arrangements. Manuela _ Ian had mentioned that they had tried to source a suit of armour but had instead settled with a figurine cut out. I suggested that it would be a lovely idea to have flowers cascading from a knights helmet. After much searching Ian found an amazing knights helmet which became the dramatic top table centrepiece.


fruit and flowers table centre


 Photograph by Boutique Blooms Floral Design


knights helmet fruit and flowers table arrangment


 Photograph by Boutique Blooms Floral Design


Manuela _ Ian were fantastic clients to work with as they were wonderfully open minded and encouraging of creative ideas. Their confidence to go for a bold colour palette and love for the dramatic meant that their flowers really stood out and complimented their wedding day theme beautifully. See below for my hints and tips on creating wedding flowers for a themed wedding.

  • Avoid the obvious and do your research. Exploring all avenues of your theme including other interpretations of it such as art or music can inspire a more sophisticated approach to a themed wedding rather than for example copying the styling from a film or someone else’s wedding.
  • Make a statement. Choose one element that will be your wow factor floral piece, perhaps not your bouquet as the bride should be the wow factor but a dramatic floral piece that acts as a focal point at your reception. Perhaps a top table piece or something to mark an entrance or doorway. This not only makes a great visual impact but it gives something for your guests to admire and to remember for years to come.
  • Floral Design is not just flowers. There are so many other things that can be incorporated in with your flowers to reflect a theme, both natural and un-natural materials. That might be furry dice in your bouquet or breeze blocks for your centrepieces, anything is possible and so when meeting with your florist have this mind and don’t be afraid to suggest alternative materials, objects or containers if they will enhance your wedding day theme.


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