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Fashion: Charming French style for flower girls and pageboys.

In my previous post, I emphasized the main differences between an English wedding and a French wedding and looked at how some ideas could be used in the UK. One of those was the ‘cortege’, a cute and lovely tradition where children replace the bridesmaids. I originally did not intend to expand on this point, but life as a wedding planner can be full of surprises and interesting encounters. While working on the organisation of a wedding in the South of France, I came across an amazing team whose work I instantly fell in love with and I would like to share my discovery with you.


It all started with sourcing a florist in the beautiful region of Languedoc-Roussillon, which by the way, is a great alternative to the more renowned Provence. It is as sunny and warm; it has beautiful properties, castles and vineyard estates to get married in.  A must see…  This is how I met Gisele, a very passionate, creative and experienced florist and floral designer, running the Couturiere de la Fleur business near Montpellier. Her creations are bespoke and she loves staging them to produce beautiful settings especially for weddings. This photoshoot is a great example.



When it comes to share her work, Gisele is lucky to have the perfect partner with her daughter Julie Derache, a very talented photographer who has a particular gift of taking pictures of children. Initially trained as a journalist and historian, her photographic style is relaxed with a reportage approach and a friendly but discreet eye to capture the little details that make a moment unique. I was definitively seduced by the team’s work when Julie sent me her portfolio to look at and I discovered this charming photoshoot commissioned by a French brand of children clothes Les Petits Inclassables. So adorable and lovingly done that I could not resist to share it with you.



Their new collection is delicately elegant, yet comfortable and practical. Designed to dress up girls and boys for weddings, in particular members of the ‘cortege’ and you can customise the final touches (bows, embroideries, belts, bow ties, braces) to match you colour theme or just for prettiness. A pure delight of timeless French chic for the little, and not so little ones. You may be pleased to know that they are available for flower girls and pageboys in the UK as the company deliver internationally.


Photograph by Eric Teissèdre


Finally I was pleasantly surprised when I recognised Domaine Fon de Rey on the pictures. I discovered this jewel when previously looking for wedding locations in the South of France and it could not have been a better place to enhance the collection: an old vineyard estate, beautifully decorated and full of refined and authentic charm. It is a highly sought after venue for weddings.



I now leave you with Kelsi, Maëlle, Mathis, Romane, Tauhani, Tess and Timothé. Enjoy it!




















I would like to thank Gisele, Julie and Pauline for letting me share these beautiful images. You can see more of this enchanted prettiness on Julie’s blog. I hope it will inspire you to dress up the children for a wedding, no matter where it is.



Photographer: Julie Derache

Stylist and cloth designer: Pauline from Les Petits Inclassables

Flowers, decors and hair accessories: La Couturiere de la Fleur

Venue: Domaine Fon de Rey

Children:  Kelsi, Maëlle, Mathis, Romane, Tauhani, Tess and Timothé


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