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Destination Weddings: Tips for a Caribbean Wedding

With a large majority of couples now paying for their own weddings, the decision to get married somewhere exotic with close friends and family looking on now means that the Caribbean as a wedding destination features in the top five most popular places. By mixing great weather with high standards of service and an abundance of beautiful settings the Caribbean has something for everyone and really should be one to consider if you are thinking about a wedding abroad. Here are just some tips to help you put this location on your list.




Photograph by Mark Anthony Chen


1. When deciding on your wedding destination, choose a country you love. If you haven’t considered a wedding planner before this is definitely where one proves to be beneficial especially if you don’t know the islands as they can save you a lot of time and hassle trawling through the internet.





Photograph by Mark Anthony Chen


2. Pick a venue that only has one wedding a day. Popular destination ads often disguise the fact that many resorts have a conveyor belt style policy to their weddings (more than one wedding a day). You want your day to be special and I don’t believe it should be shared, so do your research as there are loads to choose from in the Caribbean.




Photograph by Mark Anthony Chen


3. Understanding the legal requirements.  Every country has its own requirements but in the Caribbean you can be married within 24 hours if you have all the necessary paperwork. Always check with your destination’s embassy for the exact details or have a hired wedding planner sort out the details for you.





Photograph by Mark Anthony Chen


4. Think outside the resort box. If you want to have a unique wedding in the Caribbean there are an abundance of great venues outside of the resorts that provide an excellent service. Churches for example in the Caribbean have great gardens which means you can have a great garden reception without the long drive and with many of the islands built on colonial history there are an abundance of plantation houses to choose from.




Photograph by Mark Anthony Chen


5. Think of your guests budget. Deciding on having a wedding abroad is always exciting for the bride and groom but a lot of consideration has to be made for guests as they are investing more for the wedding.


Let  guests see your wedding as a great opportunity for a holiday with your wedding being the icing on the cake, so give guests as much notice as possible so that they are able to save and book flights and hotels as early as possible. Also give guests a choice of accommodation around the wedding venue to fit their budget and consider having pre wedding dinners and parties along with excursions so that guests get to know each other.

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